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As with every brand, there are always outlets that can be considered to extend the audience and the world the project is contained in. We believe that we have a product that is destined for longevity. These characters and concepts can live on in many forms. Such as...


With most of the top grossing films of the past decade being comic book films, it shows how powerful expanding comic brands to the big screen can be. With the Marvel and DC universes destroying the box office and home television, it proves that there is an audience for comic based stories.

With Fiend Fatale, we have a product that can absolutely jump off the page to the silver screen!

With the popularity of Mobile gaming, this makes a fantastic marketing tool as well as another element to immerse the audience and fans into the world we have created.

Not only can you watch these girls on the screen, you can become one, and pilot their actions on your cell phone or home computer!


Game Apps

Game Apps

Television continues to be the consistent way of expanding the popular universes of film. With our brand, and the open ending of the movie, we can take these characters through a multitude of adventures and hardships that can't fit into a feature film.

Whether in an Animated Series or a Live Action Series for broadcast or the web, it's an easy transition to continue past the film and onto this incredibly popular medium.


The Series

There is one thing that most successful films will always have soon after... The Sequel. Luckily with this brand the possibilities are endless. You always want to be aware of potential longevity in a series, and this is something that we have planned for.

We already have a sequel in mind that continue the adventure, with all new characters, nemesis and arcs. Where does the story lead from here? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

The Sequel

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