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FIEND FATALE is an epic horror-adventure brand, about five sisters, a vampire, zombie, werewolf, demon and mermaid, cloned from the DNA of extinct monsters, thrust into the modern world and facing off against the government, terrorists and themselves.



Thirteen stories below the city of Atlanta in the Center for Disease Control, there lies a faction of the Biological Defense department that focuses on the cloning and recreation of extinct creatures for the purpose of medical research. Through archeological finds, they have managed to create a Vampire, a Werewolf, a Demon, a Zombie and a Mermaid. These five girls have lived in the laboratory for the past 20 years, becoming educated and entertained through books, movies and video games.

During a routine morning at the lab, a Colombian terrorist group infiltrates and attacks, killing many scientists, including the girls' local surrogate mother, Dr Harvey. Anne, Alex, Mia, Shelly and Lorelei escape the building and are now thrust into the human world, looking for shelter and survival.

Lorelei, the mermaid, the weakest and most tormented of the group, sneaks off, and makes friends with a pool boy named Dylan, who she talks into driving her to Weeki Wachee Springs, a place where she believes her future and self assurance lies.

The other four girls discover where she's gone, and follow in a road trip to try to bring her back to the authorities, and set things straight. Unfortunately they soon find that their tastes and habits are not welcome in the outside world...

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